Hillbilly Cubensis – 14 Grams

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Like all psilocybin mushrooms, these Hillbilly Cubensis may send a user on a powerful psychedelic trip. These trips usually begin in 30-60 minutes with fairly benign yawning fits, followed by uncontrollable bouts of laughter.

Peak effects occur after about an hour, and can last for up to six more hours. Some users may experience changes in how they perceive time, as well as visual hallucination. Many psychonauts report intense feelings of connection to the universe, and a deeper understanding of themselves.

If you’re a newer user, begin by taking a dose between 1 and 1.5 grams. More experienced users can increase their dosage to 2.5 grams. For psychonauts who have experimented with mushrooms before and want an intense psychedelic experience, doses of 3 grams are not uncommon.

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What do Hillbilly Cubensis Look Like?

Hillbilly Cubensis have a fairly typical appearance for a Cubensis strain. It features a flat, shallow cap with prominent orange colouring in the middle, which fades to nearly white towards the edges. Its stalk is twiggy and dry, wrinkled and tapered. Chewing these caps may not be your cup of tea – if it’s not, you can always brew them into a mushroom tea and drink them.


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