OG Kush – Sugar Wax

The OG Kush strain is one of the most famous varieties of the cannabis world, a truly legendary strain that’s popular globally.

This powerfully strong 75/25 indica dominant strain has been one of the most sought-after cannabis varieties since it’s inception. Prized for its sheer potency, pungent smell, and resin production,

The Experience:
A beautiful sparkling amber color presents this OG Kush Sugar Wax along with a fragrance of sugar, berries, and OG kush. Settling down with my enail set to 485°F on a lovely Sunday afternoon I drop a dab down the size of a popcorn kernel on the nail and… the flavors of sugar, gas, pine, and OG kush drift across my palate. I instantly felt happier and energized, helping to unlock the inner laughing Buddha that resides in all of us. Thoughts of going for a hike and enjoying this beautiful land now inter my mind. Great for daytime applications.

Appearance: Brilliant tawny amber
Texture: Jelly
Aroma: Sugar with notes of berries and OG kush
Flavor: Sugar, gas, pine, with a classic OG kush flavor for the finish
Effect: The effects of this concentrate left me feeling happy, energized, and creative. In my opinion, this is a great extract for daytime applications.